About Us

Synergistix Bands is part of the SynergistixStrategies group of companies founded out of Toronto, Canada. Our business is built on 2 key business principles:

1) We are passionate about seeing the people in our product category live out their dreams, and finding unique ways to assist them on their path to success.

2) We can scale our business sustainably, maintaining growth while enhancing solutions for our customers no matter what challenges or obstacles we face along the way.

Our dreams are limitless, but our drive to succeed at fulfilling your needs is even more important to us.

The name Synergistix comes from the concept of Synergy. Synergy between our people, our customers, our products, and anyone and everyone else who comes in contact with our brand... and why "stix' on the end? Transparently, it just sounded cooler and more unique than the alternative.

This company is about more than our product and profit, its about you. We look forward to our communication with you, our users and customers. Building relationships with each of you along the way as we find mutual success on our fitness & business journey.

Connect with us on Instagram or send us a message below. We are always interested in hearing your feedback and ways in which we can improve upon our business model to better exceed your needs and expectations!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.